Stray pit bull mothers newborn kitten

GARLAND, Tx. (WKRN) – A stray pit bull has adopted a young kitten as her own.

Pitty, the pit bull, and the kitten were discovered earlier this month on the side of the road by a veterinarian technician in Garland, Texas.

The vet worker took the unlikely pair to Mercy Animal Clinic, where she works.

According to the clinic’s Facebook page, Pitty shows the young kitten affection and lovingly kisses the baby.

“The dog is sweet and loves the kitten, but her milk is drying up,” Mercy Animal Clinic wrote on their Facebook page.

Dr. Rick Hamlin takes the infant kitten home each night to bottle feed her, as Pitty anxiously awaits her arrival each morning.

The animal clinic continues to care for both animals and is looking for a forever home  for Pitty and her adopted baby together.


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