State lawmakers in a hurry to pass road repair bill

Cities and towns want bill on governor's desk by April 1

BOSTON (WWLP) – A multi-million dollar road repair bill is moving quickly through the state legislature. State lawmakers are trying to get a $200 million transportation bond bill to Governor Charlie Baker’s desk by April 1.

The spending plan went before the Senate Bonding Committee Friday afternoon. The money would be used to help cities and towns pay for critical road repairs. Communities are urging state lawmakers pass a bill by Wednesday to avoid cutting into the spring construction season.

Governor Baker already released an initial $100 million in January. The state plans to allocate another $200 million through the sale of bonds, which they will pay back with interest over time.

22News asked Committee Chairman John Keenan whether $300 million is enough for road repairs.

“I think it’s about what they probably can handle for this fiscal year. Three hundred million dollars is a lot to plan for. You know, whether it’s enough to meet all the demands, probably not, but we’ll look at it as we go forward,” the Quincy Democrat said.

Senator Keenan said the bill could go before the Senate on Wednesday, and be signed into law as early as next week.

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