Hernandez fiancee questioned about guns in their home

Shayanna Jenkins has been granted immunity in the case

FALL RIVER, Mass. (WPRI) — Several weeks after being granted immunity, the fiancée of Aaron Hernandez took the stand in his murder trial in Fall River Superior Court Friday morning.

Much of the questioning focused on the hours after the murder of Odin Lloyd, who was the boyfriend of Shayanna Jenkin’s sister.

While Hernandez met with North Attleboro police, prosecutors said he sent a text message to Jenkins.

Prosecutors said the text was a coded message asking Jenkins to destroy evidence.

When prosecutors asked Jenkins what happened to the big TV mentioned in the text she said, “I left it too close to the fireplace and it melted.”

Jenkins said she didn’t understand what Hernandez meant by the wink included in the text.

Jenkins also testified that following the murder, Hernandez told her to meet up with Ernest Wallace, whose nickname is Bo.

“He told me to meet up with Bo and give him money,” Jenkins said, adding that she drove to East Greenwich where she met Wallace in the parking lot of a McDonald’s. “I don’t remember the dollar amount he asked for, I just remember telling him $500 is all I could take take out.”

While she didn’t remember the initial amount , Jenkins did say she remembers it was more than $500.

Gun in the Junk Drawer

At the beginning of testimony, questions surrounded a gun Jenkins found in the “junk drawer” in their kitchen.

Jenkins, who is the mother of Hernandez’s 2-year-old daughter, was granted immunity by the court in February.

She was charged with perjury in the case, after prosecutors say she lied to a grand jury investigating the murder of semi-pro football player Odin Lloyd.

Surveillance video already played for the jury showed Jenkins removing a garbage bag from their home.

Prosecutors have said they believed a box inside that bag contained the murder weapons, which has never been found.

Voir Dire

Before jurors were brought into the courtroom, there was lengthy discussion between the prosecution, defense and Judge E. Susan Garsh about what questions the prosecution could ask Shayanna Jenkins regarding guns in the home she shared with Hernandez. The prosecution and judge then asked several questions of Jenkins, without the jury present, as part of voir dire.

Once the jury was brought into the courtroom, Garsh announced a male juror had been dismissed for personal reasons. However, she said it would not have an impact on the case. Fifteen jurors remain, three of them will be chosen as alternates at the conclusion of closing arguments.

The day Before

It was revealed on Thursday that some phone conversations Aaron Hernandez had while behind bars, could be introduced as evidence.

Prosecutors said a phone conversation between Hernandez and his cousin Tanya Singleton, in which he talks about giving her money, was a promise to buy her silence after Odin Lloyd’s murder.

Singleton’s sister Jennifer Mercado, who was granted immunity in the case finished her testimony Thursday.


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