No verdict yet in first UMass gang rape trial

Lawyers delivered closing statements Friday

Emmanuel Bile, Jr. is seen here during opening statements in his trial at Hampshire Superior Court in Northampton. Bile was later convicted on two of three counts of aggravated rape for the attack on a UMass student.

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – The jury went home after several hours of deliberations Friday, having just begun to weigh the evidence against a Berkshire County man accused of participating in a gang-rape at UMass more than two years ago.

Mary Carey from the Northwestern District Attorney’s office told 22News that the jury did not reach a verdict Friday, and will resume deliberations in Hampshire County Superior Court Monday.

21 year old Emmanuel Bile, Jr. of Pittsfield is the first of four men to stand trial for the alleged dorm-room gang rape of a student at UMass, Amherst in October of 2012.  All four defendants will be tried separately.

Lawyers for both sides delivered closing statements to the jury Friday.

A Hampshire County Grand Jury indicted Bile along with three co-defendants accused of gang-raping a 21 year-old woman in her UMass Amherst dorm room after a night of heavy drinking and smoking marijuana.

Prosecutors said the victim was barely conscious.

“When they see her in the room, her own room later, she can’t even stand up, she can’t even sit up unassisted,” Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Suhl told the jury.  “Justin King has his arm around her to hold her up. Her eyes are drooping; she’s not able to stay awake. This is the condition she’s in, ladies and gentlemen, when the defendant and his friends decide they want to have sex with her.”

Bile’s attorney said the sex was consensual.

“There is no force or injury threat here,” said Attorney David Pixley.  “And Mr. Bile, through the course of this whole evening, as you heard through the trial never had the intent to rape whatsoever, there’s no intent, there’s no shared intent.”

Jury deliberations resume Monday.  22News will bring you the verdict as soon as it is reached.

The other 3 men accused of gang-raping the woman are Adam Liccardi, Justin King, and Caleb Womack.

The court dates for the other defendants have not been set.

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