Dried crab found sealed in plastic Easter egg at Walmart

Walmart is offering Brislin a full refund

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – It was more than Jelly Beans and Chenille Chicks inside a green plastic egg for one Birmingham mother. While she and her husband were stuffing plastic Easter Eggs for her child’s party, Mary Claire Brislin discovered a dried crab inside one of the eggs.

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Brislin said at first she recoiled thinking the crustacean’s legs belonged to a tarantula. She remembers saying to her husband, “Oh my gosh! There is a crab in this egg. There is a dried out crab corpse in the egg!”

She says she is thankful her children were not with her when she discovered the crab remains.

“My original plan was to have the three-year-old help me. I’m glad that we ran out of time before bedtime to do that,” Brislin said.

Courtesy: Mary Claire Brislin, Facebook
Courtesy: Mary Claire Brislin, Facebook

Brislin purchased the eggs at a Birmingham Walmart. She says the bag was factory sealed and the egg was tightly closed.

“It had to have happened at the factory where they made them. I don’t think anyone could’ve snuck it in at the store,” said Brislin.

Brislin posted the picture on social media, where she quickly received dozens of comments. Walmart is offering Brislin a full refund and a gift card as an apology for her inconvenience.

Birmingham mother, Carly Downey, says her two-year-old loves to play with Easter Eggs. The news about this startling discovery has Downey thinking twice about her child’s toys.

“I’ve actually heard of multiple instances where you buy kids toys and there is something really surprising or weird or scary attached to it. And you’re like, it’s for a child. Why would people want to do that,” said Downey.

These particular plastic eggs were made in China and distributed from Bentonville, Arkansas.
Walmart representatives say they have launched a product safety investigation. They are using the barcode information and surveillance video to track the eggs.

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