Caught on cam: high speed chase

(CNN) – A high-speed car chase in and out of a Georgia town Wednesday leaving officers grateful no one was hurt.  The long chase started with a robbery at gunpoint and built to speeds of one hundred miles an hour.  The whole thing was caught on camera.

Albany Dougherty drug unit corporal Richard Norman on Tarva road at the Dougherty county line joins in the effort to stop the suspect.

“It took us 15 minutes to cover that 20 miles.  It’s the longest chase I’ve ever been in,” said Cpl. Richard Norman.

At speeds up to 130 miles per hour, the suspect goes into the wrong lane to run a Georgia state patrol trooper off the road, “If he’s willing to hit a police officer or run a police officer off the road or even a state trooper off the road, he’s trying to kill some people.  And this guy needs to be stopped,” Cpl. Norman continued.

The pursuit gets more intense as the suspect turns onto Gillionville road headed back into Albany over 100 miles per hour.  Albany police officers blocked traffic at intersections to keep innocent people safe.

Officers say they saw the suspect wave a gun speeding by, “The gun changes it a whole lot. It presents a danger we must do something with.  We can’t just back off and let him go,” said Major Bill Barry.

Georgia state patrol trooper Jack Stripling had actually been practicing pit maneuvers in a simulator, when he rushed out to try it for real, but the truck was too big.

“When you’ve got a bigger vehicle. You have to match speeds.  That’s the key to successfully doing the pit maneuver,” said SFC Shawn Urquhart.

The suspect goes through the Harvey’s parking lot and onto north Slappey, heavy with traffic.

“I don’t know if this guy had a death wish or was just trying to prove a point,” said Major Berry.

Finally at north Slappey and Palmyra, the troopers third pit attempt works, and Major Berry and Corporal Norman ram him.

“You could see the back tires were still spinning like he was trying to push him out of the way. So we just pinned him between the two of us and stopped any further movement,” Major Berry said.

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