Website to buy and sell notes growing in popularity with students

Flashnotes says the average student makes $31 an hour

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AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) – UMass students are cashing in on their good study habits by selling their notes on a website.

The website is called FlashNotes. It’s an online student marketplace where you can sell or buy everything from class notes, to flashcards.

Flashnotes says the average student makes $31 an hour. Some students have cashed in at $5,000 in one semester. Flashnotes is a website where you can pay somebody in cold hard cash for their diligent note-taking, but, there’s no face to face transaction. It’s all online. 22News asked students. Is it ethical?

“I do think it’s ethical,” said UMass Freshman Danah Hamzeh. “It’s not giving out answers. It’s just helping another student who probably couldn’t go to class that day. Just helping them out.”

Flashnotes says with the rising cost of tuition and textbooks, they are trying to help students get more money and better grades. It’s an idea some students really like.

“I have absolutely horrendous hand writing. My notes are not that nice, so despite the fact that I do sometimes pay attention in class, it would be nice to just have more organized notes than mine,” said UMass Sophomore Nathan Malast.

But one UMass Professor told 22News he thinks it should be illegal.

“If you copy down the information that I’ve created and then sell it, making a profit on it. You are in some ways and possibly illegally infringing on my copyright and infringing on my right to own the information that I’ve created,” said UMass Archaeology Professor Michael Sugerman.

Flashnotes has users at more than 1,600 colleges and universities across the country.

Most of the UMass students who we talked with told 22News they’d consider using Flashnotes if the price was right.

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