Voters may soon decide whether marijuana should be legal in Massachusetts

Legalizing marijuana could be up for voters to decide in 2016

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– Some of Massachusetts’ prosecutors and highest lawmakers met Wednesday to discuss whether or not marijuana should be legalized at the state level.

During that discussion, Northwestern district attorney David Sullivan pointed out the danger that today’s marijuana is more potent than ever, a fear one mother told 22News she shares.

“I don’t even think it is safe for it to be decriminalized, or anything, because once it because legal it is going to be legal for people to drive around high? That’s not safe!” Sera Strand, from Springfield, said.

Others in Springfield told 22News that legalizing marijuana could come with some benefits. “I mean I think it’s a good idea because it generates a lot of tax dollars, which eventually could just help out with everything. Maybe people will end up paying less taxes if we can generate some revenue out of legalizing marijuana,” Tim Leprevost, from Lee, said.

In recent years Massachusetts voters have chosen to loosen the rules around marijuana use, decriminalizing it in 2008 and making medical marijuana legal in 2012.

In 2016, voters may also have the chance to make the substance fully legal.

State Prosecutors opposed to making marijuana legal argue doing so would send the wrong message at a time when the state is battling opioid addiction and overdoses.

Gov. Charlie Baker, House Speaker Robert Deleo, and Attorney General Maura Healey have all recently stated their views against a full legalization of the drug.

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