Viral video shows man threatening to eat rare owl

Great horned owl is federally protected

(CNN) – A man is seen in a video posted online, holding a great horned owl. Now, Fish and Wildlife officials are looking for that man. The great horned owl is federally protected, and on the video, he says he plans to eat it.

Cruising around with a federally protected great horned owl and then writing this on Facebook: “3AM in the morning, we are drunk, and we are high. We bout to take this thing home and eat it up. Just found it on the road.”

The video, with almost 126,000 views, has Animal Care and Control and Florida Fish and Wildlife investigating.

“In the video you see them picking up some type of alcohol bottle, and they’re drinking, and come on. Let’s get real.”

What the guy in the video is doing to the owl really ticks off David Hitzig with Busch Wildlife.

“Having an owl like this in your possession is a felony.”

Hitzig rescues owls like these.

“Great horned owls are incredible birds.”

He’s surprised that the people didn’t get mauled by the powerful bird but now he’s also worried about the owl.

“To me the concern is where the owl is now, what happened to the owl, you know did anybody cause harm to the owl.”

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