Qualified applicants being turned down for jobs

There are creative ways to get around not having enough experience

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – Because there are so many qualified applicants, employers can be choosy about whom they hire. David Gadaire of CareerPoint in Holyoke told 22News, more companies want experience to go along with the training, and that can work against someone who’s recently trained. But there are creative ways to get around that problem.

Gadaire said, “You have apprenticeship programs, you have internships, you have some co-work kind of program, you can build on the job modules right into the classroom.”

There’s another employment struggle for people like Cory Tsohonis. He lives in a Springfield shelter with his 3 year old daughter. He told 22News companies won’t hire him because he’s served time in prison.

“They kind of put you on the spot with it,” said Tsohonis. “All I can says is I’ve made mistakes in the past and today I’m a totally different man, but you’re still paying for it, absolutely I am.”

But CareerPoint’s David Gadaire told 22News even that challenge can be overcome. Former offenders are taught the tactics how to appeal to their prospective boss’s better nature and not end up on the defensive.

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