Police investigate death of teen found in suitcase

Kelly Myers went missing from Grand Junction, Colorado home in December

(CNN) – In Utah, police are investigating the murder of a young woman whose body was found in a suitcase.

Authorities suspect the 18 year-old was killed in a Utah hotel before being discarded in a remote area in western Colorado.

“We know that the last time that she made any social media contacts or had been in contact with anybody else was on December 19 of last year.”

Kelly Myers went missing from Grand Junction, Colorado home in December; police say she ended up here at the Country Inn and Suites in West Valley City, Utah.

“We now know that she had left Grand Junction with a [man] known as Raymond Cordova.”

47-year-old Raymond Cordova is now in the custody of the Mesa County, Colorado Sheriff’s Department; arrested for involvement in a suspected drug ring, along with 30-year-old Eduardo de la Cruz; both men now being investigated in connection with Kelly Myers.

“The room was rented here under the name of Eduardo De La Cruz.”

Police say Cordova and de la Cruz stayed in the hotel room with along with Myers.

“From information that we have received, after she had died or passed away in that room, that she was placed into a suitcase and taken out of that room.”

Investigators in western Colorado located the suitcase on February 28th, with Kelly’s body inside. It was found in an isolated area known as Cactus Park, about 22 miles south of Grand Junction…

“We’re still waiting on information and autopsy results from the Mesa County Coroner’s office to narrow down the timeline to hopefully give us a cause and manner of death as well as a time and a date of death.”

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