Mass. man arrested for nude workouts

Patel is out on his own personal recognizance

TAUNTON, Mass. (CNN) — People here say it’s common to see their neighbor exercising in the nude through the glass of his front door. Taunton police say it got out of hand when a school bus full of kids spotted him.

Retired Taunton public schools employee Kaushikkumar Patel was allegedly spotted exercising naked by a group of elementary school kids on the bus to school.

Police say on Monday, 7 students told a guidance counselor at the Edmund Hatch Bennett School they saw Patel nude through his glass front door.

The principal alerted police, and Tuesday, detectives say they saw the 58-year old Patel jumping around with dumbbells quote, stark naked. Cars passed by in full view.

When we went to Patel’s Nichols Way home, he refused to talk to me, locking the now covered front door.

One neighbor said, “He’s embarrassed by it. He’s upset by it. He’s sorry it happened. He never intended anything like that to happen.”

Elin Hardy, another neighbor said, “I think it was a big misunderstanding.”

Patel’s neighbors defended him. They’re saying his naked workouts are common and that he likes to feel the sun on him while he’s exercising.

Hardy says, “I know a lot of people think it’s weird. Yes it’s weird, but there’s a lot of things in the world that are weird.”

Hardy says she and her kids have seen Patel exercising naked several times. “I go by, I’ve seen him several times; he ducks out of the way. He’s not looking for people to look at him. He’s not looking for attention. It’s just something he does.”

According to their police report, Taunton detectives don’t disagree, but Patel was charged and arrested for indecent exposure.

Patel is out on his own personal recognizance and due back in court late next month.

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