High school requires bathroom break supervisors

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(CNN) – A new policy now requiring supervised visits to the bathrooms at Zephyrhills high school has many students and parents speaking up.

“It’s an endangerment to their health having to hold their bladder that long,” said parent John Witzke.

“The bigger picture at school is we have safety concerns in the hallways, we have groups of students waiting outside of bathrooms, laying in wait to attack other students,” said Catherine Burgess.

Catherine Burgess is the faculty union rep for the school she says after looking at the problems administrators and teachers felt the best solution was to keep a closer eye on those using bathroom breaks for ulterior motives, “Students have been made to feel as if they have rights, when they are really bathroom privileges.”

But some parents disagree with that statement, “What they’re doing is wrong, it’s against their natural born rights to use a bathroom,” Witzke continued.

As the policy stands now, if a student needs to use the restroom, the teacher stops class to phone one of 5 supervisors looking over the nearly 1500 students on campus.

The principal had no sympathy for parents or students, insisting that this is the right option, “For these parents, if you’re that concerned then why don’t you come help us monitor the halls during class time?” principal Andrew Frelick said.

But after the uproar the districts superintendent is trying to shift gears, “The superintendent would like a different approach to making sure that the kids who need to be in class are in class,” spokeswoman Linda Cobb said.

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