Fake IDs pile up

(WJHG) Every year thousands of spring breakers come to Panama City Beach, Florida to party at the clubs and bars, and every year, thousands of fake IDs are taken away.

Club La Vela confiscates more fake IDs than any other nightclub in Florida.

“Every person that comes up the door if we take their ID from them they wanna argue about it and say it’s real and it’s them and then we end up having to get law enforcement involved,” said Paul Winterman, Director of Customer Service at Club La Vela.

“They get the holograms right, but they don’t get the glue right. The font’s never correct, the color’s always wrong. Kids are paying for them online they’re buying $120 $130 for two of them and we tend to spot them in the first 30 seconds,” said Philip Trivett, head of security at Club La Vela.

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