TSA attack terrorizes airport

TSA Attack Terrorizes Airport
Suspect shot and killed after attacking New Orleans TSA agents with wasp spray and machete.

NEW ORLEANS (NBC News) A man armed with a machete and wasp spray is dead after attacking TSA agents at New Orleans’ Louis Armstrong International Airport late Friday.

“There was a lot of screaming and everyone was running and hiding behind chairs and everything,” said witness Sophie Didier.

Investigators say the man, later identified as 63-year-old Richard White, sprayed agents in the face with wasp spray, burst through security and chased TSA worker Carol Rochelle into the gate area.

Running for her life, Rochelle came upon Sheriff’s Deputy Heather Slyve, who pulled her gun and fired three times.

“I have to say that officer Slyve is my hero,” Rochelle later said. “She saved my life. The man was within inches of whacking me with a machete.”

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