Springfield PD unveil C-3 Initiative to make the city safer

Police hope community members will help make the city a safer place

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Springfield police have formally started their latest effort to make Springfield a safer city.

The C-3 Initiatvie has two primary goals: to make Springfield a safer city, and to make the community active about reporting crime when they can.

Springfield Police are meeting with businesses and agencies – like School Department representatives and Baystate Medical Center – and residents every week to create regular communication in the community. Police are using this strategy to find out why there is crime and danger in certain areas of the city more than others.

C-3 is part of Springfield Police Commissioner John Barbieri’s 5 strategic priorities for making Springfield safer. Commissioner Barbeiri told 22News they need help from the community to make this work.

“There’s 33 square miles in Springfield,” said Barbieri. “We can’t be on every block. We don’t have 700 police officers in the hayday of community policing. The residents are there 24/7. They know the people and addresses in their neighborhoods that are problems.”

Under “C-3,” residents are urged to participate in community meetings and start ” crime watches”, starting in the high-crime areas. Police identified four locations with the most arrests, 911 calls, low-income residents, and high unemployment. These 4 locations only make up about 3% of the city of Springfield, but each of these locations will have a supervising sergeant and 5 officers, who will monitor these areas from 4 p.m. until midnight.

State police troopers with C-3 experience will train the 20 Springfield police officers for 6 weeks.

Each week, officers will meet with School Department representatives and Baystate Medical Center – to identify problems beyond just the city’s streets.

“We need information,” said Sgt. Reggie Miller of the Springfield Police department. “We thrive off of information. And when we open up those lines of communication, it helps me to help the community.”

Commissioner Barbieri told 22News he hopes the C-3 initiative creates more trust between law enforcement and the community.

If you see crime or a dangerous situation in Springfield, you’re asked to call 9-1-1, or text a tip anonymously.

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