Pet Corner: Pearl

Dakin is taking reservations forits annual Animal Adventures program

Name: Pearl
Breed: Pit bull mix
Age: 7 months old
Sex: Female
Color: White and tan


Pearl is a 7 month old pit bull mix.  Being young, she’s very excitable and likes to bounce around.  While she is a very good-natured dog, in her last home she chased after small children and cats in an effort to play with them.  With that in mind it’s imperative that Pearl’s next family bring her in for dog training so she can learn better manners (she already knows some commands like “sit.”)  It’s also important that her next family not have cats or young children (kids should be at least 13 years old), as Pearl needs to learn how to be more calm before she can be around them.  She should be with someone who has some experience raising bully breeds, as well as high-energy dogs.  Seeing as she’s a pup, she will love to go for hikes and runs, as well as walks.   Pearl will do very well with a family who can provide lots of love as well as rules and discipline.  She’s currently at Dakin’s Springfield location.

Events/Other Topics

Animal Adventures 2015 – Dakin is taking reservations now for limited spaces in its annual Animal Adventures program.  Animal Adventures is a week-long program that teaches kids how to care for pets and about animal behavior.  There are guest speakers who bring in unique animals, games, crafts and plenty of time for kids to interact with many types of creatures as well with each other.  If you’ve got a child who’s crazy about animals, let them enjoy an unforgettable experience at Animal Adventures this summer at Dakin Humane Society in Springfield!  July 6-10 is for children ages 7-9, and July 13-17 is for ages 10-12.  Call Dakin at (413)781-4000 x112 to register!

For any info about Dakin, visit or call 413-781-4000.

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