Parenting hacks that will make life a little easier

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Every parent needs a few helpful tips to help make their lives a little bit easier. NJ Rongner, local blogger from a, shared some helpful parenting hacks!

Parenting Hacks
1. A tension rod hung in the shower above your shower head is the PERFECT space to hang wintery clothing to dry.
2. A mesh laundry bag is perfect for socks to be washed in! You’ll never lose a sock again and it makes it really easy to find the matches because their not lost in the sea of laundry.
3. Juice boxes have wings! Flip up the little triangle pieces on the sides. Encourage your kid to hold on to them that way instead of by the “box” and you’ll greatly reduce the spill factor.
4. Baby onesies have flaps at the arm holes. This is so you can take the baby’s arms out and roll the onesie down their body instead of over their head if they have a diaper blow out.
5. Save yourself a bit of time and scoop ice cream into a muffin tin before a party. Freeze and pull it out as you serve the cake. You’ll reduce your stress level and be able to serve guests quicker because you’ve prescooped the ice cream.
6. Reuse fast food bbq sauce containers at home again as containers for kids paint
7. When you go off to a crowded place, take a picture of them on your phone. This way you know exactly what their wearing and can show security/police if you get separated.
8. The right way to eat a cupcake is to rip off the bottom and smoosh it to the top. Then, you’ll have a taste of frosting in every bite!
9. Popsicle + cupcake liner = easy way to catch drips. Cut a small hole in the cupcake liner and slide the popsicle stick through!
10. A shaving from a bar of soap + band aid over the source of the sliver = happiness. Wear the band aid for a few hours to draw the sliver out!

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