Organizing kid’s rooms & car seats

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal)  Cluttered, unorganized and a complete nightmare…that’s exactly what you don’t want your kids’ playroom to be and the backseat of your car! Rick Woods, Professional Organizer from The Functional Organizer joined us with tips.

Kids Car Travel Tips:

1. A tablet loaded with movies/shows/music/apps or a portable DVD player.
Headphones optional to limit multi-child noise levels.

2. A clear plastic tackle-box style organizer with individual compartments for a variety of your child’s favorite snack foods.

3. An organizer attached to back of car seat for easy to reach books and crayons.

4. Each child gets their own backpack filled with toys and other interests. All child’s “to go” toy and electronic items fit in here to avoid having too much stuff all over car.

5. Create a Travel Log with old atlas maps so kids will minimize repeating the famous line “Are we there yet?” If you laminate it, your kids can use a wipe marker to track the trip

Kids Playroom Tips:

1. Organize the playroom in zones: craft/coloring, reading/sitting/listening,
blocks/puzzle/board games, tv/video games/movies, activity/foosball.

2. Review your toy inventory twice a year with your child. Donate unused and outgrown toys and games.

3. Organize smaller toys by category or color. Label them on a organized system that is compact and easy to reach for kids.

4. Clean Up: Set the timer, play some music, and challenge your child to pick up all the toys they have played with and put them back where they belong in 15 minutes.

5. Have a backpack “Travel Station” pre-loaded with car travel games and smaller toys. Hang backpacks on a hook near the playroom exit. Have kids review there own backpack a few days prior to a road trip to be sure all toys are still relevant.

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