Microsoft, Yahoo creating alternatives to online passwords

Recognition software, temporary passwords among alternatives

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – If you have a different password for every online account, chances are, you might have trouble remembering them all. But that could soon be a problem of the past.

Yahoo and Microsoft are rolling out new password alternatives. Yahoo‘s new “on demand” password system will text a temporary password to users every time they log in.

David Matthews of Monson told 22News that constantly changing passwords can be a pain,

but he isn’t convinced temporary passwords would solve the problem.

“My passwords on my computer have to be changed, sometimes every month. I mean you can never use any of the first 10 passwords that you’ve used before, it’s a nuisance,” Matthews said.

Microsoft is adding facial recognition and fingerprint-identification to their Windows 10 software, which would allow users to log in with nothing but their fingertip or face.

Windows 10 won’t be available until summer, but Yahoo users can activate their new password system by tweaking their security settings.

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