Electric rates headed back down

Why customers may see lower rates this spring

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WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – National Grid Customers have been suffering sticker shock opening their bills the last few months, but now, the power company’s proposing a significant rate decrease.

National Grid customers saw their bills jump 37% in November. Add in the cold winter, some bills doubled year-over-year.

Victor Bonilla of West Springfield said, “I’m pretty sure that a lot of people had the same complaints that I had, but it’ll be a relief to even have a small percentage down.”

National Grid said customers can expect to see a 26% decrease on their total bill starting May 1st. All that’s needed is approval from the Department of Public Utilities. It could save the average customer $32 a month.

National Grid told 22News they adjust their rates every 6 months. National Grid spokesperson Jake Navarro said, “What really drives up the cost of the electricity so much in the winter time is that there are also people using natural gas to heat their homes and businesses. So that doesn’t tend to happen as much in the summer time, because the demands for natural gas are so much lower.”

National Grid cited a natural gas shortage as the reason for higher electricity supply rates. Since they’re not anticipating any increase in the natural gas supply, we could have the same situation next winter. The company said prices will go up again in November.

Phil Deveno of West Springfield said, “I’m sure there’s a lot more people using gas now than before, but to jack it up the way that they have is a bit unfair.”

Eversource spokeswoman Priscilla Ress told 22News it is too early to tell what their rates will be in the second half of the year, but did say National Grid’s proposed rate cut is a “very good sign” for Eversource customers.

To see National Grid’s full rate proposal, Click Here.

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