New Orleans airport back to normal after attack

(CNN) – The man police say stormed security at New Orleans international airport with a machete, insect spray and molotov cocktails, has died.  A sheriff’s lieutenant officer shot 63 year old Richard White Friday night, he died a day later.

“It’s very unnerving, very unnerving. My heart just stopped because I knew I was flying southwest and I knew I was flying today,” said passenger Shannon Brown.

For Shannon Brown Friday night’s text alert, the day before her trip to Las Vegas was and still is very unsettling, “It said that it was a machete wielding mad man in the concourse and I said ‘oh no, please please just let me go home tomorrow.’ I’m a little nervous still.  I’m a little worried that somebody’s going to come in try that again today because there’s crazing people out here.”

Police say just before 8 o’clock Friday night 62 year old Richard White of approached a security checkpoint, spraying insecticide, brandishing a machete, and carrying explosives.

Following a chase, authorities say White was shot three times by security, “What I saw was 100 law enforcement officers here in record time and that’s what’s important,” said Mayor Mike Yenni.

Kenner mayor Mike Yenni rushed to the scene moments after the shooting.  Last month, Kenner police held a multi-agency “active shooter event” a local school, unknowingly preparing for Friday’s night’s attack.

“Every thing worked out the way it was supposed to. I mean, they followed the operation, they practiced on this, they train in this repeatedly.  The regional cooperation that all these agencies have together worked out phenomenally. I mean it worked out like clock work.  They’re training has obviously paid off,” Mayor Yenni continued.

Security expert and former NOPD officer Mike Cahn says at all times, even the airport’s common areas are closely monitored.

“Whether it be customs, TSA, local police that you don’t know about. What happened could happen anywhere in the world. TSA and the local police did a fantastic job in mitigating the situation and neutralizing the threat immediately so that no one else got hurt,” said security expert Mike Cahn.

Improvements and upgrades are scheduled here at Armstrong international airport. Mike Yenni says once the north terminal is completed, it will be bigger, more user friendly and more secure.  That’s scheduled to be finished in 2018.

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