100-year-old man still selling cars in Wyoming

Derrell Alexander sold his first car in 1949

CASPER, WY. (CNN) A Wyoming man loves being a car salesman so much that he’s been at it for nearly seven decades!

Derrell Alexander sold his first car in 1949, and he’s still selling at 100 years old!

Customers lined up in Whites Mountain Chevrolet, but this time not to buy. They were wishing an old friend a very happy birthday.

Derrell works 6 days a week and doesn’t take a vacation. He even sings to the young guys who say they need a day off. He says being happy in life is simple.

When it comes to selling, he claims he doesn’t have a secret, or at least one he’ll share, but his customers say it’s his honesty.

Alan Sword, who got tired of waiting for his wife in surgery, left the doctors office and came back with his first new car: a Chevrolet from Derrell. “If you know him, he’s a great guy.”

“Maybe I’ve missed sales because I didn’t lie to them. But that’s ok,” said Derrell.

His family is proud and says Derrell has always put his family first. They feel blessed to celebrate his 100th birthday with him.

Sheri Rupe, Derrell’s daughter, told CNN: “it’s amazing. I never in a million years thought this would happen.”

Will Derrell ever retire? Doubtful.

Tom Rupe, Derrell’s son-in-law, says that although it’s not as easy as it used to be, Derrell will work till the day he dies. “I think what he wants is to be sitting there in front of that fire place and have it be his last day.”

But for now there’s still a strong fire in Derrell’s heart.

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