Transition wardrobe from winter to spring

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – It’s officially Spring! Time to start transitioning our wardrobe from darks to brights and heavy to light! Lauren Scorzafava, from the Blog Petite in Pearls joined us with spring style tips!

Spring Trends

We are seeing a lot of suede this season! An easy way to incorporate this trend is with accessories like a suede bag or shoes (which a lot of us already have). There are also a lot of jackets, dresses, and skirts in suede this year.

We are also seeing a lot of bohemian fringe. It’s a fun way to add texture and movement to an outfit.

 Gingham is a classic. It’s so versatile! A really easy and inexpensive way to wear this trend this year is with a gingham button down. You can dress it up with a statement necklace or dress it down with denim.

Statement Stripes
 Stripes in the spring aren’t a new idea but the way they’re using stripes this season is. Designers are playing with the placement and different size stripes to create illusions similar to color blocking.
Fresh Takes on Animal Prints
 Instead of just seeing leopard or zebra print we are seeing the entire animal as a print. There are so many fun prints floating around with sea creatures, elephants, lions, etc.

Transitioning Your Wardrobe From Winter to Spring

Transitioning from winter to spring is probably the hardest seasonal transition fashion wise. Everybody is eager to dress for spring but it’s still cold outside and once it starts to warm up it turns into a slushy mess. I put together three tips to help you make this transition as seamless as possible:

Transitioning is all about layers. Often during this transitional season, there are cold mornings and afternoons where you can’t believe how gorgeous it became. Your options become freezing in the morning or sweating all afternoon. You’re going to want to dress in layers in the morning that you can begin to peal off as the day progresses and it warms up.

Slowly start showing some skin
Obviously you’re not going to wake up on the first day of spring when it’s still rather cold out and start wearing spring dresses with open-toed shoes and no sweater. You have to gradually start showing some skin. Skip the tights under your dress one day. Wear crop pants with your sweater another day instead of long pants. Wear sandals with your pants instead of closed-toed shoes. Slowly start incorporating pieces from your spring wardrobe that expose more skin.

Reach for different accessories
Ditch your big winter boots for your rain boots (you’ll probably need them with all the slush and melting snow). I love my Hunter Boots, not only are they iconic but they’re so comfortable, come in a wide variety of colors and have unmatched quality. Reach for different jewelry. This season I’m loving natural stones and druzy as well as pretty soft colors. You can also throw on a different bag, go for a bright color or something covered in fringe which is everywhere this spring!

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