Understanding the controversial liquor store novelty “Palcohol”

Some states have already banned the product.

(CNN) – Palcohol is simply powdered alcohol.  The way it’s marketed, you’re supposed to put the powder into water to make an alcoholic drink.  Palcohol will be regulated like any other product with alcohol, but some people are concerned that there is a very fundamental difference with this product, and here’s what it is.

You could add palcohol to an already alcoholic drink, and you have an increased volume, but you’ve increased the alcohol.

So the problem is that people could drink a drink and not realize just how much alcohol they’re drinking.  There are also concerns that this product might become a fad among teenagers.  Obviously, drunk driving is already a problem among America’s teenagers.  Palcohol got off to a bit of a rocky start.

They had a website where it was suggested that palcohol could be snorted.  The company president had to walk back those comments in a company video.

“Why would anyone choose to spend an hour of pain and misery snorting all of this powder to get one drink in their system,” said the president of palcohol.

There are so many concerned about this powdered alcohol that several states have already banned it.  The company that makes it says that it’s perfect for backpacking or hiking, but there are concerns that far more people are going to be using this product, and may in fact end up misusing it.

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