The coolest car in town?

The Coolest Car In Town?
Ben & Jerry's converts a Tesla into their newest ice cream delivery vehicle.

BURLINGTON, Vermont (NBC News) Ben & Jerry’s has unveiled what may be the fanciest ice cream truck ever seen.

It’s so fancy, it’s not even a truck; it’s a luxury sedan. The company converted an $80,000 Tesla into a serving station on wheels.

“This definitely is not your classic, old-style ice cream truck,” chuckled Jostein Solheim, the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s.

The company will criss-cross the country this year handing out ice cream from the back of the emissions-free vehicle.

The vehicle, wrapped in colorful and eye-catching graphics, is the centerpiece of what Ben & Jerry’s is calling its “Save Our Swirled Climate Tour.”

From the front of the vehicle, tour leaders will distribute info on cutting carbon emissions.

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