Man accused of planning incestuous encounter

The man didn’t know he was chatting on online with an undercover agent

(CNN) – A central New York man is accused of using a social media website to plan a sexual encounter with a father and his 14-year-old son. The FBI claims David Ahearn was very active online in his search for a specific kind of scenario.

Investigators point to an ad that Ahearn allegedly posted on a social networking site, looking for an incestuous hookup with a father and son and in which he was willing to host or travel.

When he gets a response, the FBI says Ahearn appeared thrilled, writing that he’s had lots of other conversations with other men but they all went nowhere.  He even questions if it’s a real saying he’s very, very nervous but still turned on.

Perhaps Ahearn should have been worried. The FBI says he was talking to an undercover officer who told him he was the father who was offering up himself and his own son for a sexual encounter.

Ahearn reacts with these documented emails in which he allegedly says he will treat the boy like gold and make it the most sensual experience.

In one of the last documented emails he is alleged to have written: “I cannot wait for this to happen. You pick the date and a place.”  And the investigator did.

The feds say Ahearn drove two hours from his home in Syracuse to an Albany area motel where he was met by officers who promptly arrested him.  He was charged with attempting to entice a minor less than 18.

After his bail hearing, his attorney declined to comment.  His brother also refused to talk about the case, but did say he supports his brother.

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