ISIS claims responsibility for Tunsia museum attack

The attack may have been carried out by local ISIS supporters in Tunisia

(CNN) – ISIS is claiming responsibility for this week’s terrorist attack in Tunisia.  The group warns the shooting at the museum that left at least 23 people dead could just be the beginning.

The three-minute audio statement quickly caught the attention of U.S. officials; the online recording was reportedly posted by ISIS.

It claims the terror group is behind the bloody attack at a museum in Tunisia.  It left at least 23 people dead, many of them foreign tourists.

“The tactics we saw used at the Bardo museum would be entirely consistent with tactics that ISIL has previously used that show a blatant disregard and even a brutality for innocent civilians,” said white house press secretary Josh Earnest.

U.S. officials say there is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the recording.  They believe the attack may have been carried out by local ISIS supporters in Tunisia.

Terrorism analysts estimate some 3,000 Tunisians have gone to the Middle East to train with ISIS, many of them could be back home.

“It’s possible these gunmen fought in Syria and Iraq and experienced in killing people and handling guns and then came back to Tunisia to launch this attack,” said terrorism analyst Paul Cruickshank said.

A twitter message was posted just days before Wednesday’s museum massacre.  In it, an apparent Tunisian jihadist promised “a pledge of allegiance” to the leader of ISIS would come soon.

Leaders in Tunisia worry their country may see a spike in extremism.  The clip reportedly posted by ISIS promises more violence, describing the Tunisian attack as “just the start” an ominous threat adding urgency to the global war against the terror group.

Tunisian authorities have arrested 9 people in connection with Wednesday’s attack, they say four are directly linked to the killings.  The other five have connections to the attack or, to the individuals directly linked to it.

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