Dominos driver attacked, pizzas, cheese bread stolen

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) -Billy Mullenix never even knew that he had been hit until he woke up in a Tuscaloosa hospital.  It started as an average Thursday night for the Dominos delivery driver.  He went on a run around 11:00 p.m. to apartment 802 at the Aspen Village complex, just down the road from work.  “I’d been there 100 times,” Mullenix says of the complex.  “This time, I parked my truck at an angle so I had the light on the door.  I get out, go around to the passenger side to get the pizza out, and that’s all I remember.”

Mullenix was hit first in the jaw.  Someone had creeped up behind him.  He never saw his attacker, or possibly, attackers.  He doesn’t know what, if any weapon, was used to break his jaw and two ribs.  Mullenix has spotty memories of getting back in his truck and returning to the Dominos store.  He was later told that when he came inside he was bleeding and begging for someone to call police.  Mullenix was hospitalized until Sunday.  “I’ve still got six weeks of medical stuff going on in my mouth,” he explains.  “I don’t know about my ribs yet.”
Whoever attacked Mullenix made off with two pizzas and cheese bread.  They left behind his car, phone, and cash; although Mullenix says he never has much more than $15 dollars on him while he’s at work. Police are still looking for information that could lead to an arrest.  It’s believed that the person who called in the order did not live at the address that was given to Dominos.
As for Mullenix, he says he plans to return to work as soon as possible.  He’s says not afraid to go back, although; he does worry for some of his coworkers.  It’s not the first time Mullenix has been the victim of a crime while on the job.  Around Thanksgiving, someone broke into his truck and stole cash.  Mullenix wants something needs to change; and he wants customers to help make delivery drivers feel more safe at night.  “Turn the lights on,” he says.  “Turn your porch lights on and look for us.  We’ve got this big light on the top of our car.  It’s almost like a bulls-eye.”  He also asking that if anyone ever sees anything suspicious that they report it to police.  “It could save someone’s life,” he says.
Mullenix’s friends and coworkers at Dominos have also been rallying around him since he was attacked.  “Everybody has checked on me.  They even took up a fund for me so I’d have a little money.  They’ve been great.  Everybody is great.  I mean, it’s a good place to work.”

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