Surveillance video catches Darth Vadar pulling a bank heist

This Darth Vader was wielding what police called a long gun

(CNN) – The force was with him and now the police force is after him as Darth Vader pulled a bank heist earlier this week.

Talk about a teller with a story to tell, Darth Vader demanding money at a credit union in Pineville, North Carolina, though there were no reports of heavy breathing.

Instead of his usual light saber, this Darth Vader was wielding what police called a long gun. The suspect got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, escaping, not in a star fighter but a Chevy Suburban.

This isn’t the first bank robbed by Darth Vader, it’s not even the second.  There’ve been at least 3, one robbed a Toledo, Ohio bank. Another robbed a bank on Long Island almost 5 years ago. Police are still looking for him. At the time a lookalike distanced himself from the robber.

Robbers have disguised themselves as everything from a construction worker to Santa to nuns, nuns right out of the heist movie.

One guy tried to hide his identity by duct taping tree branches to himself. He robbed a bank on, no kidding, Elm street in Manchester, New Hampshire, police arrested him the next day. How about this headscratcher; A 19 year old tried to rob a San Diego convenience store dressed as Gumby. The clerk thought it was a joke and didn’t give him any money.  Gumby eventually turned himself and his costume in to police.

Suspects wearing underwear on their heads, plaid boxers, and a thong, now that’s the dark side. Stick to being a piggy bank rather than robbing a real one, Darth Vader.

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