American couple raises 39 Honduran orphans

All the kids were abandoned, neglected, abused, or orphaned

(CNN) – At this home, life seems to never be boring.  There’s always someone who wants to tell a secret, more than a few willing to sing a song, and many who frequently enjoy collective hugs.

There’s a father like in many homes, “From the get-go we tell them we’re your parents,” said Jacob Cherian.

There’s also a mother, “For me and my husband, these are our kids,” said Melody Cherian.  What catches people’s attention is the number of children at this home in el Progreso, Honduras.

“We go to all the meetings with the judges, we have meetings with any government official, even down to grocery shopping, everything,” said Jacob Cherian.

Jacob Cherian, an American from New York, and his Canadian wife Melody left everything behind in the United States in 2009 to move to Honduras.

They’re taking care of 39 abandoned, neglected abused and orphaned children.  They would like to adopt them all, but the Honduran government doesn’t allow it.

“They don’t have anybody else and so I’ve committed to raising them, to being their mother, whether the government will let me adopt them or not, it doesn’t matter.  If I could, if they would say here’s the adoption papers for 39 children, we would do it,” aid Melody Cherian.

The home is called Micah 6:8 after a verse in the bible, “Act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with your god.  We made a commitment that we were going to stay here and raise our kids until they were adults.”

That means a couple of decades at least.  The children are now getting a first class education and proper nutrition, but the Cherians say those are not the most important things, “We tell the kids, yeah, we’re a little weird.  We have a big family.  But you have a mom and dad and you’re always going to have that.”

A promise that the missionaries hope will change the children’s lives forever.

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