Why did Holyoke’s former city solicitor get paid $45K?

Holyoke's top attorney Heather Egan resigned in April

HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) – In April of 2014, Heather Egan resigned from her position as Holyoke City Solicitor, and the City paid her $45-thousand on her way out. Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse told 22News he negotiated the terms.

22News obtained a copy of the agreement, but there were so many redactions, it is still not known why Egan was paid, if she resigned. When we asked Mayor Morse, he didn’t give any answers, citing he’s protected by employee confidentiality.

That response has raised a red flag for one Holyoke City Councilor, Anthony Soto. He said, “In all fairness, I feel like this would probably clear the Mayor and Ms. Egan of any wrongdoing if this came out. Let’s find out why the money was given and stop hiding.”

City Council President Kevin Jourdain said he’s tried getting answers, but the council has been shut out. He said, “I think the Mayor got it loud and clear on this one that he will be back if there’s another situation like this, to put all the cards on the table.”

Jourdain also told 22News Egan received unemployment benefits, which he says is not standard for someone who resigns from their job.

22News called Mayor Morse earlier Tuesday but he has not returned our call yet.

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