Westfield Water Division thaws record number of frozen pipes

Even in the warmer weather, frozen pipes can still problems

WESTFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Running water is typically a common sound in households, but this winter, a record number of residents turned on their taps to find just a few drops of water.

Frozen water meters and frozen water lines kept the Westfield Water Division busy. They usually visit four or five households a year to thaw frozen lines. This year, the Deputy Superintendent, Francis Cain told 22News they broke a new record, “Approximately 25, I’d say we’ve seen. Out of those 25, I’d say there are four or five we have not been able to restore service to, or its partial service,” he said.

Pipes against exterior walls are more likely to freeze, along with pipes in unheated areas like attics, kitchen cabinets, or basements. Springfield resident Eric Wright told 22News he became more concerned this year once the temperature continued to drop. “Particularly because we have a walkout basement and sometimes it gets really cold because of the walkout basement,” he said.

If you didn’t deal with frozen water pipes this winter, Mother Nature’s deep freeze might have impacted your home in other ways. Springfield resident Diamond Deah said his water kept up just fine, but his heat is another story. “It was actually bad this winter, snow is really high, cost of shoveling, he was off in my home, and I’m not sure why we had to call code enforcement actually,” he said.

Experts say frost froze deeper in the ground deeper than usual this year, which means you might not have escaped freezing pipes just yet.

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