Delinquent taxpayers get to pay overdue accounts without fine

24,000 Commonwealth taxpayers will qualify for the program

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – People in Massachusetts who owe back taxes now have a chance to catch up without having to pay a fine. A 60-day amnesty program is now in effect through May 15th, and applies to delinquent accounts billed on or before January 1st this year.

There are 24,000 taxpayers across the Commonwealth who qualify. They’ll be getting mail from the Department of Revenue letting them know their balance and what the fine would have been if they take advantage of the amnesty period.

One tax expert at Liberty Tax in Springfield told 22News people who get behind on taxes tend to be overwhelmed and afraid to find out how much they owe. He said even when the amnesty program expires there’s still help available, but they have to talk to a tax professional.

“There are ways in which a taxpayer can not only pay their debt, we’ll help them through the process, but also, we have resources available to help them reduce that debt as well,” says Steve Kowalski, of Liberty Tax in Springfield.

Lawmakers hope the amnesty program will collect $18 million dollars. It’ll go toward Governor Baker’s proposal to close an estimated $768 million budget shortfall for the current fiscal year.

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