School website allegedly hacked by ISIS supporter

Investigators are now trying to figure out who hacked the site, and why

(CNN) – If you log into Classical High School’s website, this is all you will see right now.

“The text was very general, very political.”

Before this, the text that would pop up on the site made references to a movement, appearing to support ISIS. Investigators are now trying to figure out who hacked the site, and why. The school department is cooperating.

“This was actually a third party vendor that was contracted by the schools so it actually stands separately from what the district uses for our product.”

That will now change. Information for Classical High School will now be located with the school district’s page, not its own.

“They’re moving right along populating that page.”

No threats were made to the school or to the surrounding community, but still, it’s making the district and members of our congressional delegation take notice, especially with how such groups now operate in a sort of information warfare.

“Part of it is not only to recruit people, part of it is to appear relevant; to be out there thinking ISIS is everywhere, it can strike at a website in Rhode Island, a website in Europe, across the globe.”

The school district does not believe they were isolated in any specific way.

“It’s been reported that this type of group has done the same sort of thing across the country and internationally.”

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