Megachurch pastor wants $65M private plane

Creflo Dollar asks parishioners to give 10% of their income to his church

(CNN) – TV evangelists can be a little over the top, but Creflo Dollar’s appeal for a private jet may take the cake.

The head of the World Changer’s Megachurch in Atlanta asks for the donations in this almost 6 minute video dubbed “Project G-650”, as in Gulfstream 650.

Dollar’s already a high flier, but it seems his current jet, built in 1984, is showing its age. Engine trouble on a flight to Australia, and more recently when his wife and daughters were taking off from London, it went off the runway.

“It’s not like a car where you can pull over on the side when something goes wrong and I knew it was time to begin to believe God for a new airplane.”

It didn’t take long for the story of the “Jesus jet”, as some have dubbed it, to take off, and not in a good way. This woman is a former parishioner. She showed up Sunday to protest but got told to leave church property.

“Creflo didn’t have a jet when I was here. And now he has one and he’s asking for another one.”

But parishioner Mary Jones, who takes the bus to church, says she’d happily give to Dollar’s jet drive.

“Most definitely, most definitely. We support our pastor, that’s what we’re here for.”

Dollar asks parishioners to give 10% of their income to his church, but gives no public accounting of how the millions are spent. is a web site that helps donors tell, financially, the good from the bad. “We have in the past identified 30 of the top ministries and 30 of the worst ministries. Unfortunately, Creflo Dollar fell under the worst category, the main reason for that is the lack of financial transparency.”

To find out more about how dollar wants to spend his dollars, I called Daniel Jennings. He’s a big seller of private jets.

“This is not an entry level or even mid level jet.” “This is the top of the game jet.”

The Gulfstream 650 is the largest, longest distance, 2nd fastest private jet in the world, and to get one, Dollar may need more than money. He might need divine intervention. The wait for a new one is 4 years, and there are only 4 used ones for sale in the entire world.

“If I wanted a gently used one what do you think that would set me back?” “Low $70’s, $71, $72-million.”

It appears that Creflo Dollar has backed off on the appeal. The video is no longer on their website.

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