Art therapy helps cancer victims with expression

The images themselves can be a symbolic speech

(CNN) – Art can help express feelings, in a way words can’t. For those battling cancer, having such an outlet can make hard times a bit easier.

When childhood cancer survivor Abigail Marsh was diagnosed, her inclination was to put her feelings on paper. But she expressed herself with pictures, not words.

According to the American Cancer Society, art therapy can be used as complementary therapy to help survivors express their emotions.

Edna Bacon teaches an art therapy class at Cancer Support Community Atlanta, part of a nationwide support network. She says, “Art Therapy is being able to put on paper what you’re feeling in an image where you may not have words for what’s going on. There’s a benefit to having something that you focus on, you can’t think of two things at the same time.”

Then the images themselves can be a symbolic speech. The images can give you words where you might not have had words.

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