RI senate OKs ban on powdered alcohol

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WPRI) — Rhode Island could soon join Massachusetts on the list of states banning powdered alcohol — soon to be sold under the trademark “Palcohol” — which just this week won federal approval.

The Rhode Island senate passed legislation Thursday that would ban the use and sale of powdered alcohol, with a potential penalty of up to $1,000.

According to the Senate, four varieties of Palcohol were approved by federal regulators, and would be sold in a pouch. When the powder is mixed with water, it makes an alcoholic beverage. The Rhode Island ban stems from concerns that the powder is too easy to conceal, and could be used to spike drinks or even be snorted.powdered alcohol piles

“This is just too new a product to know for certain whether it is safe or whether it can and will be abused,” said the Senate bill’s sponsor, Sen. Frank Lombardo III (D-District 25, Johnston).

The Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission issued an advisory Thursday that the Commonwealth has outlawed the sale of powdered alcohol. Alaska, Delaware, South Carolina, Vermont and Louisiana have also banned the substance.

A companion bill to the Senate bill is now before the House Committee on Judiciary.

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