Alabama Faces Trooper Shortage

Photo Courtesy: WSFA

MONTGOMERY, Al (WSFA) – Alabama’s highways are in desperate need of more state troopers. A recent study by the University of Alabama’s Center for Advanced Public Safety, which is independent of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) and the former Alabama Department of Public Safety, found that the state should have a minimum of 1,016 troopers patrolling Alabama’s highways. Currently, there are only 431 troopers assigned to Highway Patrol.

Sgt. Steve Jarrett has been a trooper for 18 years and knows the impact a lack of manpower can have on the roads.

“With fewer state troopers out here, the motoring public, when they don’t see a trooper on a regular basis, speeds tend to increase, those people that are irresponsible and choose to violate the laws, drinking and driving and speeding, reckless driving, aggressive driving, there’s nobody out there to keep them in check,” he said. “We all use these highways and if there’s no law and order out here, it’s going to be a very unsafe environment.”

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