Investigation into secret service incident begins

The South Portico of the White House in Washington on Friday, May 9, 2014. A bevy of solar panels blanketing the roof of the White House is getting its day in the sun. Technicians have finished installing the panels at the nation’s most famous address. The milestone completes a project that President Barack Obama hopes will send a clear signal that renewable energy is both feasible and environmentally shrewd.
(Associated Press/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Members of congress turn an eye on the secret service, which is under investigation again.  “We’ve got to watch the response to this to see how seriously it’s being taken,” Sen. Tim Kaine said.

The exact circumstances aren’t really clear, but sources say two secret service agents had been drinking at a going-away party for the agency’s spokesman.  The sources say the agents came upon an active investigation, driving through the police tape and crashing into temporary barriers.

The agents, according to one source: George Ogilvie, a top supervisor in the Washington field office, and Mark Connolly, a high-ranking member of the president’s personal security detail.

“I think there is some concern especially on the heels of a number of other incidents that have occurred over the last couple of years,” said former FBI assistant director Shawn Henry.

Newly-appointed secret service director Joe Clancy now faces a serious challenge.

“He’s going to have to put a high-powered microscope over every aspect of this agency.  Everything from morale to culture to use of technology and protocol and training. Got to look at all of those things to make sure we get it right,” Rep. Elijah Cummings said.

“I really worry that if the new secret service director does not fundamentally transform the secret service, we’re going to continue to have these problems,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz said.

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