Hometown Heroes: Sue Lecrenski and Whitney Shortt

The ceremony will be held on March 19th

AGAWAM, Mass. (WWLP) – The Western Massachusetts Red Cross has chosen a school bus driver and an Agawam high school student to be two of this year’s Hometown Heroes. The two came to the aid of another student who had suffered a serious allergic reaction.

Bus driver Sue Lecrenski says, “One of the girls behind me was choking, she was coughing and choking.”

Agawam High School senior Whitney Shortt says, “I realized she needed an EpiPen, but she didn’t have one.”

Shortt had brought her EpiPen medication with her on the bus that day.

Lecrenski, who’s been driving a school bus for 30 years, knew just what had to be done. “I injected it, and I just tried to comfort her until we got to the school, Whitney was comforting her.”

Shortt says, “I was watching the bus driver inject it into her, and just making sure she was responsive. Make sure she was okay, and could breathe while we were waiting for the ambulance.”

Sue and Whitney have thought about that extraordinary bus ride to school many times since then, and what each of them did to speed the recovery of the stricken student.

Lecrenski says, “My thought was, I’m very happy that we got to the high school, and that Whitney was there with her EPI pen, because that was critical.

“If it wasn’t for Whitney, I thought about it, she may not have made it to the school, I probably would have started CPR.”

Shortt says, “I’m just proud that I was there, and able to help someone out, make sure she was okay before anything serious actually did happen.”

Whitney Shortt and Sue Lecrenski, who like all Hometown Heroes, faced the challenge of the unexpected emergency, and did what had to be done.

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