Body cam of baby rescued from river

Dramatic footage from one of the first responders

SPANISH FORK, UT (CNN) – Almost everyone involved in the rescue of a Utah baby trapped for hours in the car crash that killed her mother is calling it a miracle. The emergency room doctor that treated lily is calling her recovery “astounding.”  And the first responders report hearing a strong voice from the car calling for help. Dramatic body camera footage from one of the officers shows just how miraculous this story really is.

As one of the first Spanish Fork Officers responding to the call of a car in the river, this officer runs down into the water without hesitation, joining other first responders, a fisherman had called police to report the car was in the river, calling back 90 seconds later when he could see someone was trapped inside. “What do you got, what do you got?”

Three police officers, two firefighters and the fisherman all jump into action-trying to flip the car over. “Ahh, let’s go guys, come on, don’t get squished, watch out watch out watch out.”

They can see the driver Jenny Groesbeck was fatally injured in the crash but the situation was about to take on an even greater sense of urgency.  “Anybody hear us, hello-oh god there’s a baby in the back – bleep, there’s a baby in the back, Ryan get up here pull her out, please, I’ve got this door.”

Moments later a firefighter pulls what seems to be a small, lifeless body, out of the car. “Here pass her up, pass her up, here pass her up, go go go go!”

The officer and an EMT carry Lily up the rocks and run to a waiting ambulance, which immediately speeds away. “Come on baby-she’s definitely hypothermia , she’s freezing, get her up in there, let’s go, go!”

The officer starts patting her on the back-hoping she will start to breathe and gives lily encouragement to live. “Come one sweetie-come on sweetie.”

They begin giving lily infant CPR— and trying to warm her up, and as the ambulance rushes to the hospital-no one can feel a pulse. “we are almost there, are you getting a pulse, i couldn’t feel any.”

As the ambulance arrives to Mountain View Hospital, just six minutes after lily was pulled from the car-there is a sign of life-lily starts to vomit, as the officer runs her into the emergency room. “We’ve been doing CPR on her-she has been throwing up a little bit-single vehicle rollover into the river.”

Doctors and nurses help to stabilize lily, as the video ends. She is later flown to primary children’s hospital. And just four days later, this is lily, laughing and playing with her father, just a few hours before she was released from the hospital.

A truly miraculous recovery for a little girl, who seemed to be lifeless, when she was pulled from a wrecked car, in the frigid water of the Spanish Fork River.

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