Worsening potholes causing serious car damage

Many of them are deceptively dangerous to our cars

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Repairing cars damaged by potholes is digging deep into the wallets for some western Massachusetts drivers.

City Tire in Chicopee has serviced as many as 25 cars per day that have suffered pothole damage. Manager Andrew Bewsee told 22News, the average cost runs about one hundred and fifty dollars.

However, he said one driver sustained nearly $2,500 in damage when he hit a pothole. “The suspension was bent, the struts in the front were bent, it ripped out the ABS wire, did damage to the tie rods. Tires were no good as well.”

Dan Demers of Chicopee has learned to avoid a certain pothole on Buckley Boulevard in his hometown. It’s a pothole that caused him a lot of grief. “I was just frustrated, just getting off from work, on the way home, the last thing I wanted to do was change a tire really frustrated.”

“As I pulled over, a couple of other people hit the same pothole. I offered to help them out, it was definitely a big hazard for us coming home.”

According to Bewsee, there’s no way of completely avoiding potholes. Many of them are deceptively dangerous to our cars. “When there’s so much water you can’t tell how deep they are. They go over them thinking they’re not that deep, but they can be very deep and do a lot of damage.”

By this time next month, some of these potholes will have already been covered with the more permanent cover known as hot patch. Western Massachusetts highway departments believe they’ll get their initial shipments by the first of April.

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