Lawmakers seek to change tax on casino winnings

Casinos seek increase in taxable winnings threshold to $1,200

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP)– If you’re planning on playing slot machines once the soon-to-be resort casino is built in Springfield’s South End, you will have to stop after winning $600 to file paperwork to pay state taxes, according to the state’s current gaming law.

The same $600 taxable amount applies if you were to win on state lottery games.

Now, lawmakers are discussing doubling that threshold to $1,200 for casino gaming only, and that is not sitting well with state lottery officials.

The Massachusetts State Lottery released a statement that read in-part:

The Lottery strongly believes there needs to be a level playing field for all gaming entities in the Commonwealth and that the Lottery’s network of 7,400 retailer partners must be protected against unfair competition from casinos.”

The casino leaders argue that having a different standard than other states could drive slot players to Connecticut casinos.

The bill to change the standard for taxable winnings has passed the House, and is expected to be discussed in Senate next week.

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