More SAE racism?

More SAE Racism?
University of Washington investigates claim that SAE members interrupted march for equality with racial slurs.

(KING) Members of the Black Student Union at the University of Washington are speaking out after they say racial slurs were thrown their way during a march for equality on February 25th outside of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

Dirir Abdullahi recalls the event where he says a group of white college-aged men told a group of black students to “get off of our campus.”

“They were screaming ‘You apes,'” Abdullahi said.

The University of Washington said at least one UW police officer heard the yelling coming from outside of the SAE home, and university officials are working to learn what was yelled and identifying the people that could be behind it.

As for SAE, the local chapter president is standing by his brothers.

“I don’t doubt that hurtful things were said to black students,” UW SAE president Michael Hickey said. “My claim is that it was not members of our house.”

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