Tsarnaev trial testimony focuses on victims

Tsarnaev is charged with killing MIT campus officer Sean Collier

Courtesy: NBC News

(NBC News) Focus turned Wednesday in the Boston Marathon bombing trial to the police officer murdered in the hours before the Tsarnaev brothers got into a shootout with police.

The chief of police at Massachusetts Institute of Technology told jurors he saw Officer Sean Collier parked in his patrol car around 9:30 at night, three days after the bombings.

Chief John DiFava said he stopped and chatted with Collier for three or four minutes, recalling the last thing he ever said to him – “be safe”.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is charged with killing Collier.

Investigators believe he and his brother Tamerlan crept up on the officer as he sat in his car, shot him several times and tried to steal his gun.

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