Transitioning your workouts outdoors

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) – Spring is only a few more days away, which means a lot of us will take our workouts outside into the fresh air and sunshine, but it’s important to make the transition safely to avoid injuries. Mike May, Spokesman for Phit America shared important tips.

Transitioning Your Workout Routine From Indoors to Outdoors

Don’t overdo it the first time outside.

Wear the appropriate clothing and footwear, especially footwear as you don’t want to lose your footing.

Stay hydrated – Hydration is the key to success — water, water, water

Ease into any strenuous exercise… are always better ‘under doing it’ rather than ‘over doing it.’

Exercise/play with a friend or buddy — for safety’s sake.

Pick a safe area to exercise, away from cars are not used to seeing people outside exercising.

Start tracking your workout and plot your progress throughout the spring and summer.

Be creative with your exercise program — which keeps if fresh and fun.

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