Teen forced into chemo is now in remission

Now “Cassandra C" wants to go home

(CNN) – While she is now cancer free, “Cassandra C” is turning her attention to another fight, the right to go home. “I am in remission,” she wrote in a Facebook post Sunday night; “…and it would mean the world to me, to be able to come home until the remainder of this nightmare over with.”

Her mother, Jackie Fortin, couldn’t comment Monday, but has addressed the situation in prior interviews. On January 2014 she said, “I can’t even describe it. Like I said this is the first time we’ve been separated. It was Christmas. First Christmas we’ve been apart.”

It was in the fall, when the state’s Departments of Children and Families intervened, forcing Cassandra to undergo chemo-therapy at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, to combat Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Josh Michtom, her state appointed attorney, appealed the action at the Supreme Court level, where justices ruled that as a minor, she didn’t have the right to choose whether or not to receive chemo.

Since then, he says her view has changed. Josh said, “She’s not seeking to refuse treatment any more. She’s content to finish out the treatment. So the big legal question is done.”
DCF Administrator Kristina Stevens said the department’s very pleased with Cassandra’s recovery. “We had every expectation that this is where we were going to land so we’re just thrilled that she’s that much closer to continuing a long and healthy life.”

While the battle against cancer reaches an end, the fight to come home is ongoing; requiring yet another trip to court. Josh said, “Now she’s at a point where she only needs treatment a few days a month, but she’s in the hospital the whole time. She doesn’t have visits with her mom.”

Michael Taylor, the attorney for Cassandra’s mother, spoke to the media and said he does not believe Cassandra’s recovery justifies the action taken by Connecticut DCF. He said Cassandra just wanted to make the decision on her own.

Had DCF not forced her, Cassandra probably wouldn’t have accepted chemotherapy.

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