Program helps cancer patients look good, feel good

There are tips on things that can shake a woman's confidence.

(CNN) – Marcia Witcher and Lois Dunlap are here to get some beauty tips, not just any tips, but some specifically for women undergoing cancer treatment.

Both of these women are survivors, Marcia’s already taken advantage of this program, known as look good feel better.

The lively group sessions are run by facilitators, specially-trained volunteers who are also certified cosmetologists. The two hours are part spa day, part support group for women who can connect through an often difficult experience.

“They get a bonding with the other woman that are going through chemo and radiation or who have been through it and they are asking questions of each other they are learning tips,” said Dedra Allen.

It’s not just about make up. There are also tips on other things that can shake a woman’s confidence, like hair loss, “Having to shave your head can be a bit emotional but if you are applying you cosmetic correctly and with the right clothing it can look absolutely great.

Rounding out this beauty session is a quick course on wig care and even a look at the best way to beat the heat with the use of colorful head scarves.

The women to women sessions are free and offered nationwide. The program is a partnership of the American Cancer Society, the professional beauty association and the personal care products council foundation.

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