Melting snow can create a watery mess

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WWLP) – There’s nothing quite like the sound of water trickling after a snow packed winter. But this weeks quick warm up, might have come too soon. As the temperatures climb, towns could face a new problem, ice-clogged catch basins, and clogged storm drains.

Leverett resident Jean Cooper told 22News, too much melting is one thing she isn’t worried about. “Not too much of a concern at this point, but we shall see in the next couple of days. With the rain expected on Friday into Saturday, it could become a little bit more of a problem,” she said.

Town’s Department of Public Works crews are trying to prevent overflows by keeping drains as open as possible. Northampton’s DPW Director, Edward Huntley, told 22News this time of year comes with a lot of work.

Residents like Dave Fitzgerald of Amherst are willing to lend busy crews a helping hand. “Everyone shoveled them out alread,y so everything is flowing smooth at the storm drain in front of my house,” he said.

Many storm drains still have a thick coating of ice built up on top. Some Northampton residents, like David Strickland, are worried once that starts to melt, all of that water will start to overflow into the roads. “Some of the storm drains will block up in the fall with the leaves, then we get a big melt off like we just got now, which isn’t gradual enough. Gradual melting works fine, but if we get really warm and rainy weather, it’s going to be an issue somewhere in town,” he said.

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